Robert Eklund (Lute, Harp)


Work [parts]Info & Download
Anonymus (before 1900)Balcarres manuscript [I Wish I Were Where Helen lies]1'42 m128 Go to download page
Anonymus (before 1900)Jane Pickeringe Manuscript [A Scots Tune]0'59 mpg Go to download page
Anonymus (before 1900)Jane Pickeringe Manuscript [A Scot]0'59 m128 Go to download page
Bittner, J.Sarabande2'16 m128 Go to download page
Frescobaldi, G.Se l'Aura spira1'09 m128 Go to download page
Gallot, J.L'Amant malheureux [Allemande]3'47 m128 Go to download page
Piccinini, A.Chiaconna in Partite Variate1'51 mpg Go to download page
Piccinini, A.Chiaconna in Partite Variate1'49 m128 Go to download page
Traditional JewishLa Rosa2'07 m128 Go to download page
Traditional PapuaYumi litimapim2'06 m128 Go to download page
Traditional SwedishVårvindar friska1'14 m128 Go to download page
Traditional SwedishVem kan segla förutan vind1'14 m128 Go to download page
Zamboni, G.Sonate d'intavolatura di leuto [preludio]1'20 m128 Go to download page

Work [parts]Info & Download
Vogelweide, W. von derPalästinalied1'20 m128 Go to download page

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