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Johannes Brahms

7 may 1833(Hamburg) - 3 apr 1897(Vienna)
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  • Johannes Brahms - Biography, catalog of works, pictures, links, organizations.
  • Johannes Brahms - Classical Forms, Romantic Passion - A biography with anecdotes and the author\'s personal thoughts. Includes a list and brief descriptions of most important pieces
  • Letters to and from Brahms - A German site from the Brahms Institute in Lübeck. Only as fascimile (Brahms hadwriting is difficult to read).
  • Brahms, Johannes - Brief biography and caricature with short essays on different types of compositions, including orchestral, chamber, piano, and vocal and choral music with recommended Naxos recordings.
  • Brahms, Johannes (1833 - 1897), Germany - Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical essays from Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.
  • Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms - The relationship between the widow of Robert Schumann and the bachelor is explored through a creative writing assignment. Includes related links.
  • Grave of Johannes Brahms - Find a Grave photographs of the composer's Vienna burial place. Link to the cemetery shows other notables sharing his resting place, including Johann Strauss, Sr. and Jr., Beethoven, and Czerny, also the cenotaph of Mozart.
  • Island of Freedom: Johannes Brahms - Life and works of the composer with special emphasis on his movement toward absolute music during his latter years.
  • Johannes Brahms - Sympathetic biographical essay about his life, his music, and his relationship with the Schumann family with links to related essays and creative writing assignments.
  • Johannes Brahms - Listing of over seventy-five films using his music includes links to each and related materials from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).
  • Johannes Brahms - List of works, biography, and free MIDI audio files from On Classical/Kunst der Fuge.
  • Johannes Brahms - Biographical article with examination of Classical and Romantic sources and RA audio samples from the Music History 102 collection of the Internet Public Library.
  • Johannes Brahms - Suggested biographies and scores, CD reviews, MIDI audio samples, portrait, links, and recommended recordings from the Classical Net Basic Repertoire List.
  • Johannes Brahms - Entry at the Lied and Art Songs Text Page listing hundreds of individual vocal works and cycles with lyrics. Includes many with English and other translations.

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