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Classic Cat aims to make Classical music more popular by making it more accessible. It does this by providing an index to over 5000 free to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work. The site is specialized in audio files, but contains also some video, sheetmusic, lyrics and midi links.

About the sites Classic Cats link to

The links on Classic Cat are regularly checked so there should be few dead links. Some websites that may occasionally be overcrowded or down. In those cases you are advised to bookmark the page and come back later.

For some websites you need to register. This is indicated on Classic Cat with the white-on-black "R". It is always free and is asked when you start your first download there. Please note that these websites are not part of Classic Cat.

On a few websites parts of the links are dead or otherwise disfunctional. If these are too much Classic Cat will have no links. But if there are only a few defects Classic Cat wil only link for those mp3s that are ok.

Classic Cat wants to be a legal alternative to filesharing services like Kazaa and Limewire. To achieve that only music that adheres to certain standards is selected: downloadable music with a minimum sound quality of 128 kbps, complete movements (or fragments of at least 3 minutes) and acceptable playing and recording. If you think that some of the music is not up to those standards or if you find dead links please let me know.

Classic Cat does not have any control over the linked sites. For asking permission to use a soundfile for some special use you should contact the artist or the webmaster of their website.

You can contribute

Classic Cat is always looking for more music to link to. So if you have or know some website with suitable music please let me know. Classic Cat doesn't host soundfiles, but only links to other websites that do. Due to the formula of the site I can only link to rather famous composers.

Other suggestions are also welcome. For example: reports of dead links, factual and typing errors and suggestions for a better layout. If you appreciate the site feel free to

Which music is popular?

Classic Cat maintains statistics of which pages get visited most. Besides in our Top 100 these statistics are gathered in our Overview Page (warning: a very big page). The numbers without brackets are the number of pageviews that this work had over a longer period of time. Please note that not all works were available during the whole period and that the page is very irregularly updated.


Classic Cat is a project by Wim Roffel from Leiden in the Netherlands.

The cat logo was generously made available by The Art Cat.

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