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Sergei Prokofiev

23 apr 1891 (Sontsovka) - 5 mar 1953 (Moscow)
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Worklist for Sergei Prokofiev

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name cmt key instr year time genre
173 works
1Piano Sonata No 1 in F minor F- 1909 Piano Sonata
24 Etudes for Piano  pno1909  
34 Pieces for Piano, Op 3  pno1908  
44 Pieces for Piano, Op 4  pno1908 10:00 
5Sinfonietta in A major  orc1909 Sinfonietta
6Dreams  orc1910 9:00 
72 Poems for Women's Voice and Orchestra   1910 Song
8Autumnal  orc1910  
92 Poems for Voice and Piano, Op 9   1910 Song
10Piano Concerto No 1 in D flat major Db+ 1912 Piano Concerto
11Toccata in D minor D-pno1912 5:00Toccata
1210 Pieces for Piano  pno1913 23:30 
12bisHumorous Scherzo for Four Bassoons  cha1915 Scherzo
13Maddalena   1913 Opera
14Piano Sonata No 2 in D minor D- 1912 18:00Piano Sonata
15Ballade for Cello and Piano  cel,pno1912 Ballade
16Piano Concerto No 2 in G minor G- 1913 32:30Piano Concerto
17Sarcasms  pno1914 10:30 
18The Ugly Duckling   1914 Song
19Violin Concerto No 1 in D major D+ 1917 22:30Violin Concerto
20Scythian Suite   1915 23:00Orchestral Suite
21Chout (The Tale of the Buffoon)   1920 Ballet
21bisChout Symphonic Suite   1920 Orchestral Suite
22Visions Fugitives  pno1917 39:30 
235 Poems for Voice and Piano Op 23  pno,voc1915  
24The Gambler   1916 Opera
25Symphony No 1 "Classical"Also in piano transcription.D+pno1917 13:30Symphony
26Piano Concerto no 3 in C major C+orc,pno1921 27:00Piano concerto
275 Poems by Anna Akhmatova   1916 Poem
28Piano Sonata No 3 in A minor"from Old Notebooks"A- 1917 7:30Piano Sonata
29Piano Sonata No 4 in C minor C- 1917 17:00Piano Sonata
29bisAndante for Orchestra  orc1934 Andante
30Seven, They Are Seven   1918 Cantata
31Tales of an Old Grandmother  pno1918 11:00 
324 Pieces for Piano, Op 32  pno1918  
33The Love for Three OrangesBest known is the march from this opera: a piece for cello.  1919 Opera
33bisThe Love for Three Oranges: Symphonic Suite   1924 Orchestral Suite
33terThe Love for Three Oranges: piano piecesMarch and scherzo from 'The love for three oranges' for piano. pno1922  
34Overture on Hebrew Themes  cha1919 8:30Overture
34bOverture on Hebrew Themes (orch.)  orc1934 Overture
355 Songs without Words for Voice and Piano  pno,voc1920 11:30 
35bis5 Melodies for Violin & Piano  pno,vln1925  
365 Poems for Voice and Piano Op 36  pno,voc1921  
37The Fiery Angel   1927 Opera
38Piano Sonata No 5 in C major (1st Version) C+ 1923 15:30Piano Sonata
39:1Quintet in G minor G-cha1924  
39:2Trapèze   1924 Ballet
40Symphony No 2 in D minor D- 1925 Symphony
41Le Pas d'acierLe Pas d'acier = The Steel Dance.  1925 Ballet
41bisLe Pas d'acier - Symphonic Suite   1926 Orchestral Suite
42American Overture for 17 performers  orc1926  
42bisAmerican Overture for Orchestra  orc1928  
43Divertissement for Orchestra  orc1929  
43bDivertissement  pno1938  
44Symphony No 3 in C minor C- 1928 36:00Symphony
45Things in Themselves (Choses en Soi)  pno1928 13:30 
46The Prodigal Son   1929 Ballet
46bisThe Prodigal Son - Symphonic Suite   1929 Orchestral Suite
47Symphony No 4 in C major C+ 1930 Symphony
48Sinfonietta in A major (rev) A+orc1929 Sinfonietta
49Four Portraits from 'The Gambler'   1931 Orchestral Suite
50String Quartet No 1 in B minor B-cha1931 String Quartet
50bisAndante  orc1930  
51On the Dnieper   1931 Ballet
51bisOn the Dnieper - Symphonic Suite   1933 Orchestral Suite
526 Transcriptions for Piano  pno1931  
53Piano Concerto No 4 (For the Left Hand)   1931 Piano Concerto
542 Sonatinas for Piano, Op 54  pno1932  
55Piano Concerto No 5 in G major G+ 1932 Piano Concerto
56Sonata for Two Violins in C major C+vln1932 Sonata
57Symphonic Song  orc1933  
58Cello Concerto in E minor E- 1938 Cello Concerto
593 Pieces for Piano, Op 59  pno1934  
60Lieutenant Kijé - Symphonic Suite   1934 Orchestral Suite
60a2 Songs from 'Lieutenant Kijé'   1934 Song
60b2 Songs from 'Lieutenant Kijé' for Orchestra  orc1934  
61Egyptian Nights   1938 Incidental Music
62Pensées  pno1934 13:30 
63Violin Concerto No 2 in G minor G- 1935 26:30Violin Concerto
64Romeo and Juliet   1936 2:20:00Ballet
64bisRomeo and Juliet Suite No 1   1936 27:30Orchestral Suite
64terRomeo and Juliet Suite No 2   1936 30:00Orchestral Suite
65Music for Children  pno1935 18:00 
65bA Summer's Day  orc1941  
666 Mass Songs for Voice and Piano  pno,voc1935  
67Peter and the Wolf  orc,spe1936  
683 Children's Songs for Voice and Piano  pno,voc1936  
694 Marches for Military Band   1937 March
70The Queen of Spades   1936 Film Score
70bisBoris Godunov   1936 Incidental Music
71Eugene Onegin   1936 Incidental Music
72Russian Overture  orc1936  
733 Romances for Voice and Piano Op 73  pno,voc1936  
7420th Anniversary of the October RevolutionCantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution.  1937 Cantata
75Romeo and Juliet - Ten Pieces for Piano  pno1937 36:00 
76Songs of Our Days   1937 Cantata
77Hamlet   1938 Incidental Music
77bGavotte  pno1938  
78Alexander Nevsky   1939 Cantata
797 Mass Songs for Voice and Piano, Op 79  pno,voc1939  
80Sonata for Violin and Piano No 1 in F minor F- 1946 27:30Violin Sonata
81Semyon Kotko   1939 Opera
81bisSemyon Kotko - Symphonic Suite   1941 Orchestral Suite
82Piano Sonata No 6 in A major A+ 1940 27:30Piano Sonata
83Piano Sonata No 7 in B flat major Bb+ 1942 17:00Piano Sonata
84Piano Sonata No 8 in B flat major Bb+ 1944 31:30Piano Sonata
85Zdravitsa (Hail to Stalin)   1939 Cantata
86Betrothal in the Monastery   1941 Opera
87Cinderella   1944 Ballet
88Symphonic March  orc1941  
897 Mass Songs for Voice and Piano, Op 89  pno,voc1942  
89bMarch for Military Band   1942 March
90The Year 1941  orc1941  
91War and Peace   1952 Opera
92String Quartet No 2 in F major F+cha1941 String Quartet
93Ballad of an Unknown Boy   1943 Cantata
94Sonata for Flute and Piano in D major  flu1943 24:30Sonata
94bSonata for Violin and Piano No 2 in D major D+ 1943 Violin Sonata
95Cinderella - Three Pieces for Piano  pno1942 11:00 
963 Pieces for Piano, Op 96  pno1941  
97Cinderella - Ten Pieces for Piano  pno1943  
97bAdagio from 'Cinderella' for Cello and Piano  cel,pno1944 Adagio
98National Anthem of the Soviet Union  orc1946  
99March for Band   1944 March
100Symphony No 5 in B flat major Bb+ 1944 48:30Symphony
101Romeo and Juliet Suite No 3   1946 18:00Orchestral Suite
102Cinderella - Six Pieces for Piano  pno1944  
103Piano Sonata No 9 in C major C+ 1947 25:00Piano Sonata
10412 Russian Folk Songs for Voice and Piano  pno,voc1944  
105Ode to the End of the War  orc1945 Ode
1062 Duets, Op 106   1945 Song
107Cinderella - First Suite for Orchestra   1946 Orchestral Suite
108Cinderella - Second Suite for Orchestra   1946 Orchestral Suite
109Cinderella - Third Suite for Orchestra   1946 Orchestral Suite
110Waltz Suite for Orchestra   1946 Orchestral Suite
111Symphony No 6 in E flat minor Eb- 1947 Symphony
112Symphony No 4 in C major (rev 1947) C+ 1947 Symphony
113Festive Poem  orc1947  
114Flourish Mighty Land!   1947 Cantata
115Sonata for Solo ViolinAlso for violins in unison.D+ 1947 Violin Sonata
116Ivan the Terrible - film score   1942 Film Score
116aIvan the Terrible - oratorio   1942 Oratorio
117The Story of a Real Man   1947 Opera
118The Tale of the Stone Flower   1948 Ballet
119Sonata for Cello and Piano in C major C+ 1949 Cello Sonata
120Pushkin Waltzes  orc1949  
121Soldiers' Marching Song   1950 Song
122Winter Bonfire   1950 Cantata
123Summer Night   1950 Orchestral Suite
124On Guard for Peace   1950 Oratorio
125Sinfonia Concertante for Cello and Orchestra   1952 Cello Concerto
126Wedding Suite for Orchestra   1951 Orchestral Suite
127Gypsy Fantasy for Orchestra   1951 Orchestral Suite
128Ural Rhapsody for Orchestra   1951 Orchestral Suite
129The Mistress of Copper Mountain   1953 Orchestral Suite
130The Meeting of the Volga and the Don  orc1951  
131Symphony No 7 in C sharp minor   1952 Symphony
132Concertino for Cello and Orchestra   1952 Cello Concerto
133Concerto for Two Pianos and String OrchestraUnfinished  1953 Piano Concerto
134Sonata for Unaccompanied CelloUnfinshed  1953 Cello Sonata
135Piano Sonata No 5 in C major (2nd Version) C+ 1953 16:00Piano Sonata
137Piano Sonata No 10 in E minorUnfinishedE- 1953 Piano Sonata
 Ala and Lolli   1915 Ballet
 Distant Seasunfinished  1948 Opera
 Khan Buzayunfinished  1942 Opera
 Kotovsky   1942 Film Score
 Lermontov   1942 Film Score
 Lieutenant Kijé   1933 Film Score
 O, no John! (English folk songs)   1944 Song
 Prelude and Fugue for Organ by BuxtehudeArranged for piano by Prokofiev.D-pno1920 Prelude
 Partisans in the Ukranian Steppes   1942 Film Score
 Tonya   1941 Film Score
 Waltzes by Schubertsecond version from 1923 pno1920  
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